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Netflix Freeloaders, Beware! If You Are Unwanted, A Subscriber Can Remotely Terminate Your Access To An Account

Benzinga · 11/16/2022 02:31

You can now remotely remove freeloaders from your Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) account without having to reset your password, thanks to a new feature introduced by the streaming giant.

What Happened: On Tuesday, Netflix launched the “Managing Access and Devices feature.” It's available in 'Account Settings' and allows users to check recently-streamed devices and easily log out of a particular device. 

The user just needs to click on their profile icon beside the search lens — tap on 'Account' — scroll down and click on 'Manage' access and devices. They can now see everything related to their Netflix account, including when, where and which device they have logged in. Users can also sign out from particular devices. 

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Why It’s Important: It is common for users to log in to their Netflix account at a hotel or friend’s house. It is also easy to sometimes forget to log out. 

The same goes for relationships. Family and friends have long shared Netflix account credentials, but when relationship dynamics change, what can one do? Until now. With the latest update, users can easily log out from nonessential devices. 

The recent upgrade is significant because the streaming giant is trying to fix its subscriber growth problem, reported Apple Insider. Netflix plans to crack down on password sharing and has started to take relevant actions. 

It has already rolled out a “Profile Transfer” feature that enables users to retain their browsing history and personalized information when moving to a new account

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