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Resource Use In Cannabis Industry, A New Report From Regennabis Says More Should Be Done

Benzinga · 11/15/2022 16:02

Regennabis, a leading ESG and sustainability advisory firm in the global cannabis industry, released a new report outlining the challenges indoor growers face from a sustainability perspective and what steps are being taken to create a framework for resource-use efficiency.

With support from Hawthorne Gardening Company, which provides nutrients, lighting and other materials for indoor and hydroponic growing, Regennabis developed the "Resource Use Efficiency in the Cannabis Industry" report. Regennabis is an organizer of the annual Regenerative Cannabis Live conference at the United Nations,

Due to a lack of sustainability standards grounded in meaningful and consistent data in the cannabis industry, the scattered approach to legalization has created large gaps in sustainability practices, the report said.

The Report

The report aims to initiate discussions about indoor growing, which is experiencing increased activity, scrutiny, and opportunity, considering the need for resource efficiency has never been greater on a global level.

“Regennabis strives to bring together policymakers, industry leaders, and social justice advocates to elevate the need for information sharing and deeper-level discussion on sustainability in the cannabis industry,” said Patrick McCartan, co-founder, and CEO of California-based Regennabis.

Some key highlights from the report include: Data findings from the top six misconceptions about indoor cannabis cultivation

  • What growers can do now to be more sustainable: Case studies from entities advancing sustainability in indoor cultivation

  • Proposed energy policy concepts for controlled environment agriculture

In addition, the report is being shared with cannabis industry leaders and policymakers.

Also, McCartan and Geoff Trotter, CGO and co-founder of Regennabis, will hold an interactive presentation of the report at 11 a.m. PT, Thursday, November 17, in Las Vegas. It also will be a topic of discussion at the 2023 Regennabis Cannabis Live conference in May at the United Nations in New York City, according to the press release.

We All Benefit

The report also notes that the responsibility for resource efficiency lies not only with cannabis producers but also with those who supply growers, who are driving a more sustainable cannabis industry through affordable cultivation products that reduce the environmental impact.

Chris Hagedorn, who leads Hawthorne Gardening Company said that “cannabis cultivators must have more sustainable options, and we as their supplier partners have a responsibility to provide solutions that help them be resource efficient.”

The report validates what the industry has been calling for “a consistent approach to data collection and reporting to inform more uniform resource efficiency standards.”

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Photo: Courtesy Of Alexey Marchenko On Unsplash