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TILT Holdings To Launch 'The Concept LVT' Rig-Less Dab Solution, Here Are The Details

Benzinga · 11/15/2022 15:48

After releasing its third-quarter financial report, reporting $40.5 million in revenue, TILT Holdings Inc. (NEO: TILT) (OTCQX:TLLTF) announced it will launch a proprietary initiative called Concept LVT, a first-of-its-kind, patent-pending rig-less dab solution through its subsidiary Jupiter Research, LLC ("Jupiter"), a leading inhalation technology company.

Gary Santo, TILT's chief executive officer said they are “continually creating newer, better, and more efficient inhalation technologies that are in alignment with buyer trends and future needs.”

A New Way To Experience Cannabis Concentrates

Concept LVT, an advanced vaporizer that looks and feels like a regular 510 vape cartridge, but operates like a more powerful desktop vaporizer, is an affordable, easy and clean way to experience cannabis concentrates, per a company press release.

The new product, which works with any 510-thread battery, consists of a reusable master cartridge along with small pre-filled crucibles containing 0.2 grams of the vaporizable product. Moreover, its new heating technology provides consumers with a more intense taste of cannabinoids and terpenes associated with concentrates in a rosin-on-the-go format.

“Concept LVT is a testament to Jupiter’s in-house R&D capabilities to lead technology advancements, as well as connect with the market’s demand for concentrate solutions. We know consumers will appreciate its simple, affordable, and robust design and look forward to adding additional wax and hash capabilities in the future,” Santo said.

Customize Your Concept LVT

Beyond setting clients up with key differentiating technology, businesses will be able to customize their Concept LVT with a variety of mouthpiece shapes, including tapered, barrel, an hourglass in customizable colors; screen printing on the reservoir; printing and/or laser engraving on the metal base and brand colors in the interior.

Previewed at Jupiter’s MJBizCon, Concept LVT is anticipated to launch in the market in early 2023.

According to BDSA, the market demand for concentrates is estimated to hit $8 billion in retail sales this year, outpacing growth in traditional flower sales.

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Photo: Courtesy Of Nick Harsell On Unsplash