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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT–Schedule of Reuters features from this week

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT–Schedule of Reuters features from this week

Reuters · 07/28/2022 02:00
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT–Schedule of Reuters features from this week

- Every week, Reuters journalists produce scores of multimedia features and human-interest stories from around the world.

Below are some stories from this week selected by our editors, as well as explanatory context and background to help you understand world headlines. For a full schedule of and events, please go to our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect.

Shakin' bacon? Belgian researchers study pigs' response to music

BRUSSELS - Scientists in Belgium are investigating a farmer's claim that different styles of music affect the behavior of his pigs. (BELGIUM-PIGS/ (TV, PIX), 333 words)

Chilean breast cancer survivors row as therapy for body and soul

SANTIAGO - For the Chilean women of "Fortale-Senos Chile," rowing isn't just a sport, but an activity that aids physical recovery from breast cancer and provides an important support group. (CHILE-ROWING/CANCER (TV, PIX), 133 words)

Thai businesses cash in on cannabis, from milk tea to toothpaste

BANGKOK - Thai businesses are cashing in with cannabis-infused products like toothpaste, tea, soaps and snacks after the government legalized the plant and its extract this year, generating a wave of interest in the drug. (THAILAND-CANNABIS/ (TV, PIX), 459 words)

Senegalese island keeps coastal erosion at bay with stakes in the sand

DIOGUE ISLAND, Senegal - Simple wooden structures padded with coconut tree fronds are helping residents of Diogue island in southern Senegal to win back stretches of sandy beach from the Atlantic swells that threaten much of the West African coast. (SENEGAL-ENVIRONMENT/EROSION (PIX, TV), 467 words)

Palestinians strive to stop Gaza shore erosion with concrete and rubble

GAZA - Authorities in Gaza have ordered giant concrete blocks to be dropped along the shoreline as increasingly heavy seas eat into beaches that provide residents of the densely populated strip with a rare public space for relaxation. (CLIMATE-CHANGE/PALESTINIANS-GAZA (TV, PIX), 467 words)

Clear and present danger: Jellyfish swarm Israel's coast

HAIFA, Israel - Ghostly swarms of jellyfish along Israel's coast have banished summer bathers from the Mediterranean waters and raised warnings about the dangers of ecological imbalance due to climate change. (ISRAEL-ENVIRONMENT/JELLYFISH (PIX, TV), 207 words)

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin's Apollo 11 flight jacket fetches $2.8 million

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin's flight jacket, which he wore on the historic mission to the moon in 1969, was sold for about $2.8 million in New York, auction house Sotheby's said. (AUCTION-SPACE/ALDRIN (PIX), 165 words)

Scientists defend T. rex as only species of mighty Tyrannosaurus

WASHINGTON - T. rex still reigns as the king of dinosaurs, according to scientists who argued against a contentious hypothesis advanced this year that the mighty meat-eater Tyrannosaurus should be recognized as three species and just one. (SCIENCE-TYRANNOSAURUS/ (PIX), 680 words)

Glaciers vanishing at record rate in Alps

MORTERATSCH GLACIER, Switzerland - The Alps' glaciers are on track for their highest mass losses in at least 60 years of record keeping, data show. (CLIMATE-CHANGE/EUROPE-GLACIERS (EXCLUSIVE, TV, PIX), 1,144 words)

Cannibals, comedy and a cinema icon share Venice limelight

ROME - A Marilyn Monroe drama, a cannibal road movie and a black comedy about family life are among the stories that will be showcased at this year's Venice Film Festival. (FILMFESTIVAL-VENICE/LINEUP (UPDATE 1, PIX, TV), 543 words)


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(Compiled by Mark Porter and Patrick Enright)

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