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Tesla Removes About 80 Miles Of Customer's Available Battery Capacity Via Software Restriction

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) has some of the most advanced cars on the planet.

Benzinga · 07/27/2022 12:20

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has some of the most advanced cars on the planet. Software updates allow new features to be added for free, such as better performance or enhanced safety features. But having a car that is dominated by software can have its drawbacks, too. 

As shared by Electrek, a customer brought their Model S sedan in for service. During this service visit, Tesla locked the car's battery capacity via software, removing about 80 miles of driving range. Tesla said the owner could unlock the previously accessible range for a $4,500 fee.


According to Electrek, Hughes is a known Tesla hacker and the car owner turned to him for help.

The car, which was on its third owner, had a 60kWh pack when originally purchased. During its life, the pack had been replaced under warranty with a 90kWh pack, giving the car much more driving range than first had. Now on its third owner, who took the car in for service, Tesla noticed this hardware change and used software to return the car to its original state.

While I don't think it's ideal to need a huge social media push to get things accomplished, thanks to the momentum this thread has generated it seems like we've got a path forward with Tesla towards getting this taken care of the right way.

Thanks to those who've reached out!�


Luckily for this owner, it seems social media might save the day. After multiple failed attempts at a resolution with Tesla, it seems the backlash online is leading to something being worked out with Tesla. While the issue isn't fully resolved yet, a solution appears to be close. 

Photo: Courtesy of Tesla