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How To Watch A Timelapse Of Your City From The 1980s To Now

This article was originally published in April 2022. 

Benzinga · 06/09/2022 17:19

This article was originally published in April 2022. 

Have you ever been astonished by how much your hometown has grown throughout the last few decades? Well now, with a new tool from Alphabet Inc's (NASDAQ:GOOGLGoogle Earth, you can see exactly that.

Here’s How: 

Click here or visit this link: g.co/Timelapse. This will take you to Google Earth timelapse homepage, where you can type in any address, city, or location in the world. 

The site should automatically start playing the timelapse, but if it doesn’t work, try refreshing the page. There are other cool features you can find on the left-hand toolbar, like the Voyager and I’m Feeling Lucky tools. 

The Voyager tool allows you to explore the globe virtually and the I’m Feeling Lucky tool takes you to a random landmark or location throughout the world. 

How Does The Timelapse Work?

Google uses satellite imagery dating back to the 1980s. If you watch the timelapse, you can see the image quality improve throughout the years as technology advances. The U.S. Sun originally broke down the Google Earth timelapse tool in a recent article.