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10 Ivy League Courses You Can Take for $59

You don’t have to pay Ivy League prices to get access to Ivy League knowledge. With a wide range of affordable online courses available, you can now learn from the top professors and experts in any field that interests you.

05/07/2021 10:02

You don’t have to pay Ivy League prices to get access to Ivy League knowledge. With a wide range of affordable online courses available, you can now learn from the top professors and experts in any field that interests you. These 10 Ivy League courses are great for investors, business owners, and anybody else who wants to sharpen their analytic skills and understanding of key concepts and strategies in finance and business:

Financial Markets

Dr. Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize-winning professor of economics at Yale University, teaches this 7-week survey of financial markets. For the first half of the course, you’ll learn about the institutions, ideas, and practices that shape modern markets. In the second half, you’ll learn about securities, insurance, banking, and some key principles of investing and finance.

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Business Foundations

The Business Foundations specialization from the Wharton School covers all the core concepts and strategies that every business owner should know. You’ll learn about managing teams, developing branding and marketing strategies, reading financial statements, and analyzing business processes. 

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Business Analytics

The Business Analytics specialization, also offered by the Wharton School, hones your data collection and analysis strategies. Over 5 courses, you’ll learn how to make data-driven decisions in every aspect of the business from recruiting and performance evaluation to better predicting customer behavior.

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Business and Financial Modeling

Richard Waterman, professor of statistics at the Wharton School, heads a team of 6 experts who give lectures on a range of topics in this Business and Financial Modeling specialization. Throughout 4 courses and a capstone project, you’ll learn how to build and use spreadsheet models as well as how to apply the methods of quantitative modeling to make data-driven decisions in finance. 

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Finance & Quantitative Modeling for Analysts

This specialization from the Wharton School includes 4 courses ranging from an overview of corporate finance to a 4-week class devoted to learning how to read and interpret financial statements. Students who complete all 4 courses will receive a certificate of completion that would be a worthy achievement to add to their resume.

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Fintech: Foundations & Applications of Financial Technology

Learn about fintech from a faculty of distinguished Wharton School professors in this 4-course specialization that leads to an optional certificate you can post on LinkedIn or add to your resume. You’ll learn the fundamentals of financial technologies, analyze real-world applications, and take a deep dive into regulatory issues and portfolio optimization.

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Computational Thinking for Problem Solving

This 4-week course from the University of Pennsylvania teaches students how to approach problems in a more systematic way. While the course was designed by computer scientists, it’s geared toward a broader audience. You’ll learn how to develop and analyze algorithms, model solutions using programming language, and generally think like a computer scientist. These skills have real-world applications in a variety of aspects of life from business to community issues and anywhere else you find quantitative problems.

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Introduction to Psychology

As modern research continues to reveal just how much psychology and human behavior influence markets and business, it’s clear that investors, business owners, and anyone else with a stake in the market could benefit from a fundamental understanding of human psychology. This introductory course from Yale University covers the driving forces behind decision-making, perception, persuasion, social behavior and more.

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Regulatory Compliance

Master the strategies of risk management and effective compliance in this 4-course specialization from the University of Pennsylvania. Students who complete all 4 courses will be able to create risk profiles for businesses or other organizations, implement tech and training to build an effective compliance program, and understand regulatory issues. Whether you run a business or you’re an investor, the ability to accurately create risk profiles and evaluate compliance strategies will help you make better decisions. 

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An Introduction to American Law

Just a deeper understanding of regulatory compliance can help you in business and in investing, this introductory course on American law from the University of Pennsylvania will help you better understand complex legal issues that could affect business. Over 7 weeks, you’ll learn about the 6 key areas of American law including contract law, property law, and civil procedure, among others.

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