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DJ No, the Super Bowl Winner Doesn't Predict -2-

· 02/05/2021 08:27

1. In which right-to-work state will Amazon.com warehouse employees cast mail-in ballots over whether to organize into a union in what is expected to be a labor battle between the nation's second-largest employer and its workers?

a. Alabama b. Arkansas c. Georgia d. Arizona

2. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called a meeting with the heads of several federal regulators this week to discuss last week's market volatility brought on by the wild price swings in GameStop and other stocks. Which federal regulator was not present?

a. The Securities and Exchange Commission b. The Federal Reserve c. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago d. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission

3. Which tech-titan CEO is stepping down later this year to become executive chairman as his company released another blockbuster set of results and solid guidance this week?

a. Jeff Bezos b. Satya Nadella c. Safra Catz d. Mark Zuckerberg

4. This will be the first Super Bowl in 37 years without an in-game Budweiser commercial as its parent Anheuser-Busch InBev plans to instead use the ad money to support Covid-19 vaccine awareness. Other brands will also be missed, but there will be debuts of commercials from others including:

a. Logitech b. Chipotle c. Vroom d. All of the above

5. Which oil major announced that it is forming a business unit that will focus exclusively on technologies to lower carbon emissions, as it faces increasing pressure to step up its sustainability investments?

a. Chevron b. Exxon Mobil c. ConocoPhillips d. Royal Dutch Shell

100 Years of Barron's 6. Clarence Saunders, founder of Piggly Wiggly grocery stores, patented which retail advance?

a. The cash register b. The self-serving store c. The paper shopping bag d. The bar code

Answers: 1( a); 2( c); 3( a); 4( d); 5( b) ; 6( b)

-- Pauline Yuelys and Kenneth G. Pringle


-- Newsletter edited by Anita Hamilton, Stacy Ozol, Mary Romano, Matt Bemer, Ben Levisohn

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