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Auris Medical Highlights Launch Of Drug-Free Nasal Spray For Protection Against Airborne Pathogens, Allergens

Auris Medical Holding Ltd. (NASDAQ:EARS), a clinical-stage company dedicated to developing therapeutics that address important unmet medical needs in neurotology and central nervous system disorders, today announced the

· 09/08/2020 08:31

Auris Medical Holding Ltd. (NASDAQ:EARS), a clinical-stage company dedicated to developing therapeutics that address important unmet medical needs in neurotology and central nervous system disorders, today announced the launch of the development of AM-301, a drug-free nasal spray for protection against airborne pathogens and allergens, based on positive data obtained in a SARS-CoV-2 assay. In order to expedite the development process, Auris Medical set up a new subsidiary, Altamira Medica Ltd. (“Altamira”), based in Zug, Switzerland, and has already obtained funding through a CHF 1.5 m convertible loan agreement.

Seeking protection against airborne pathogens and allergens

AM-301 is a gel which works by forming a protective layer on the nasal mucosa, acting as a physical barrier against airborne pathogens and allergens. Under normal conditions, human beings take in approximately 90% of air through their noses, which are therefore particularly exposed to airborne pathogens and allergens. The thin protective film formed by the AM-301 gel helps to prevent the contact of such pathogens and allergens with cells; in addition, the composition serves to “trap” such particles and help with their discharge. Together, this is designed to reduce the risk of infection and promote alleviation of allergic symptoms.

Promising results in SARS-CoV-2 assay

The potential protective effects of AM-301 have been demonstrated to date in a SARS-CoV-2 virus assay. In this experiment, the key component of AM-301 was added in various concentrations to a suspension of the virus for various time periods. Virus particles were then collected from the suspension and transferred onto cell cultures for incubation, allowing for viral replication and infection of adjacent cells. The experiment showed that after only 5 minutes of contact between AM-301’s key component and the virus suspension the viral infectious load was reduced by up to 99%. The Company intends to perform additional testing involving various pathogens and allergens. 

Addressing need for personal protection

“The current Covid-19 pandemic has drastically highlighted the risks of airborne transmission of viruses and the need for protective measures such as proper ventilation in buildings and the wearing of face masks“, commented Thomas Meyer, Auris Medical’s founder, Chairman and CEO. “With AM-301, we are seeking to provide a simple and effective means for personal protection in settings or places with increased risk of exposure to airborne pathogens, such as public transportation, flights, cruises, sport events, concerts or university lectures. In addition to its potential protection against SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens, we believe AM-301 could provide help to people suffering from allergic rhinitis by reducing their exposure to airborne allergen particles e.g. from pollens, house dust or animal hair.” 

Aiming for regulatory submissions in 2021

For AM-301, the Company can draw on its experience from the development of nasal sprays with betahistine for the treatment of vertigo (AM-125) or antipsychotic-induced weight gain (AM-201). Unlike the betahistine nasal sprays, AM-301 does not contain any active substance, and the Company believes it will be regulated and marketed as an “over-the-counter” medical device. The Company will advance and complete the development of AM-301 through its new Altamira subsidiary. Following the conduct of further studies in safety and efficacy, the Company is targeting submission of regulatory applications to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) and regulatory authorities in other jurisdictions in 2021. Altamira plans to initiate discussions with regulatory authorities regarding the regulatory pathway for AM-301 shortly. The Company intends to market AM-301 in collaboration with partners.

Funding with financial or strategic investors   

Altamira is currently a 100% subsidiary of Auris Medical Holding Ltd.; going forward, the Company expects its ownership in Altamira to decrease as financial or strategic investors will be invited to join as shareholders as additional financing will be required. In a first transaction, FiveT Capital Holding Ltd. (“FiveT”), a Swiss investment management firm, provided a convertible loan to Altamira. The loan has a principal amount of CHF 1.5 m, a duration of 18 months, and carries an interest rate of 8% p.a. Under the terms of the agreement, FiveT will have the right to convert the loan or parts thereof including accrued interest into common shares of either Altamira or Auris Medical Holding Ltd., subject to additional provisions and certain restrictions. The Company has filed a copy of the convertible loan agreement on Form 6-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission and will file a registration statement on Form F-3 to register for resale the common shares of the Company that may be issued upon conversion.