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Oncocyte And Guardian Research Network Announce Strategic Alliance

Collaboration establishes an integrated platform for precision medicine clinical trials, combining Oncocyte's proprietary molecular tests and fully certified pharma services lab with GRN's nationwide hospital

· 09/03/2020 08:04

Collaboration establishes an integrated platform for precision medicine clinical trials, combining Oncocyte's proprietary molecular tests and fully certified pharma services lab with GRN's nationwide hospital consortium of 150 hospitals, clinical trial networks and real-world evidence data technology to establish an integrated precision medicine trial platform

Initially focused on immuno-oncology, including Oncocyte's proprietary DetermaIO test, which can be used to select patients for immune therapy clinical trials

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oncocyte Corporation (NYSE:OCX), a molecular diagnostics company with a mission to provide actionable answers at critical decision points across the cancer care continuum, and the Guardian Research Network® (GRN), a nationwide hospital consortium bringing access to cutting-edge trials and real world evidence clinical research to its community hospital members, today announced a strategic collaboration to create a comprehensive solution for pharma clients from patient recruitment to regulatory approvals. Oncocyte and GRN aim to leverage their joint capabilities by bringing together GRN's clinical trial enrollment and data science technology with Oncocyte's proprietary molecular tests, including DetermaRx™ for early stage lung cancer and DetermaIO™ for immunotherapy selection, as well as Oncocyte's pharma and companion diagnostic development services. The collaboration is designed to reduce the time to populate immune targeting trials while also improving chances for successful trials through proprietary molecular patient stratification.

"Despite the challenging macroenvironment, we continue to experience solid growth in our business initiatives through August, including increasing test volume of our DetermaRx product for early stage lung cancer as well as growing momentum in our pharma services business. Our alliance with GRN may help us to expand our pharma services offerings and increase DetermaIO's use in more clinical trials for immune therapy patient selection," said Ron Andrews, Chief Executive Officer and President of Oncocyte. "This collaboration with GRN enables us to help streamline clinical trial enrollment for pharmaceutical company sponsors and ideally positions us to provide comprehensive services needed by emerging biopharma companies that are developing new immune-oncology and targeted therapies. With well over 50 emerging second generation immune therapeutics entering various phases of clinical trials, this collaboration has significant potential to optimize patient recruitment in the immuno-oncology space by identifying the patients most likely to respond to treatment. We believe the combination of GRN's large and growing network of community and regional hospitals, with Oncocyte's CSR/ISO certified molecular laboratory and groundbreaking diagnostic technology, can deliver powerful value by accelerating new cancer drugs' path to market. Today we are thrilled to announce our alliance with GRN, which we anticipate will deliver both near term successes and long term benefits for both parties."

Dr. Mark L. Watson, Chief Operating Officer of Guardian Research Network, added, "The Guardian Research Network is excited to work with Oncocyte to develop a new offering that provides turnkey service to emerging biopharma clients developing next generation immuno-oncology therapeutics. This partnership fits perfectly with GRN's mission to bring the best new drugs and technologies to our network of forward-looking community hospital partners. We believe Oncocyte's proprietary molecular tests, companion diagnostic development expertise, and regulatory access will enable the implementation of precision medicine-based patient stratification and the democratization of access to cutting edge molecular medicine in the community setting. We are thrilled to partner with Oncocyte's leadership team with their demonstrated commitment to the community setting and look forward to combining our cutting-edge data technology with a clinical trial opportunity that benefits pharma partners, doctors and patients."

GRN is a consortium of over 150 hospitals and clinics focusing on executing clinical trials for oncology. The network has relationships with esteemed hospitals across the U.S. and works to facilitate clinical trial activities, including patient identification and study design optimization. Oncocyte's molecular tools and diagnostic assays, specifically DetermaIO, its multivariate gene expression test which can identify immune checkpoint inhibitor responders, will allow GRN to optimize enrollment and support the development of next generation immune therapies. The collaboration will additionally allow Oncocyte to expand its relationships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and apply its technology more broadly across research settings.