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OncoSec Medical Highlights 2 Late-Breaking Abstracts On TAVO-PLUS At AACR Meeting

OncoSec Medical Incorporated (the "Company" or "OncoSec") (NASDAQ:ONCS), a company developing late-stage intratumoral cancer immunotherapies, today presented new data further demonstrating the power

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OncoSec Medical Incorporated (the "Company" or "OncoSec") (NASDAQ:ONCS), a company developing late-stage intratumoral cancer immunotherapies, today presented new data further demonstrating the power of OncoSec's next-generation interleukin-12 (IL-12) plasmid (TAVOPLUS) therapeutic when combined with a T cell stimulator (TAVOPLUS-CD3) or an enhanced chemokine gradient (TAVOPLUS-CXCL9). These product candidates, coupled with the new low-voltage electroporation gene delivery system, represent a promising approach for treating patients with a variety of solid tumors. The data were presented today during two late-breaking poster presentations at the American Association for Cancer (AACR) Virtual Annual Meeting II being held from June 22-24, 2020.

"Multiple studies have used intratumoral plasmid IL-12 (TAVO™) to treat solid tumor indications with a demonstrable clinical benefit due to this cytokine's ability to drive deep and durable immune responses," said Christopher Twitty, Ph.D., OncoSec's Chief Science Officer. "The new preclinical data exhibited in both AACR presentations highlights the evolution of OncoSec's IL-12-based platform. Incorporation of a chemokine gradient and a polyclonal T cell stimulator with the enhanced IL-12 backbone of TAVOPLUS holds significant potential in the treatment of solid tumors. We believe these data provide a strong rationale for filing an Investigational New Drug application and we are excited to advance TAVOPLUS into clinical development." 

The following posters were presented during the session titled, "Late-Breaking Research: Immunology 2":

Title: "Intratumoral electroporation of plasmid-encoded IL-12 and membrane-bound anti-CD3 increases tumor immunogenicity and augments the function of T cell subsets"
Poster Number: 14
Abstract Number: LB-390

Study Highlights:

Compared to IT-tavo-EP, TAVO+-αCD3 enhances T cells engagement with tumor cells and augments T cell killing function in preclinical cancer models by:

  • Increasing expressor memory T cells, which may extend anti-tumor response from treatment.
  • Increasing activated T cells in peripheral blood, which may enhance anti-tumor response throughout the body.
  • Increasing antigen specific T cells anti-tumor activity, which leads to enhanced cancer cell recognition by T cells.
  • Restoring the exhausted, non-active T cells' anti-tumor activity, which leads to re-energized cancer cell killing activity.   

Title: "Amplification of the CXCR3/CXCL9 axis via intratumoral electroporation of CXCL9 synergizes with IL-12 gene therapy (TAVO) to elicit robust anti-tumor immunity"
Poster Number: 20
Abstract Number: LB-396 

Study Highlights:

  • Data demonstrated that IL-12, in concert with CXCL9 (a potent chemokine), leads to brisk infiltration of T cells and efficient remodeling of the tumor microenvironment, making tumors more susceptible to treatment.
  • This new product candidate thus builds upon OncoSec's plasmid based immunotherapeutic platform by augmenting the effects of IL-12 with the inclusion of CXCL9.
  • Study showed that combining intratumoral TAVO™ with a DNA-encoded, locally secreted CXCL9, significantly improves anti-PD1 response, thus providing an approach to extend the benefit of PD-1 blockade to more patients.

The full abstracts presented at the AACR Virtual Meeting II are available online at www.aacr.org and the posters are available on OncoSec's website at www.oncosec.com