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'Crucible' Is Out: Here's Everything You Need To Know About Amazon's First Video Game

“Crucible” is Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) first major dive into video games, and could become a competitor for other free-to-play titles like “Fortnite.” After being initially announced three years ago, the title promises to be a

Benzinga · 05/20/2020 20:02

“Crucible” is Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) first major dive into video games, and could become a competitor for other free-to-play titles like “Fortnite.” After being initially announced three years ago, the title promises to be a third-person shooter experience that is similar to other multiplayer shooters, but it comes with its own unique twist.

The Hunters Of Crucible

Players will have the chance to choose between 10 different characters, each with different roles and playstyles. On paper it seems like Hunters carry similarities to characters in “Overwatch” or even “VALORANT.” However, each Hunter contains a mixture of abilities, and each contains their own strengths and weaknesses. Each specific role, whether it’s primarily defense, offensive, or support, will influence the way a team operates and strategizes.

What Is Essence?

Essence is a valuable resource in “Crucible” that will level up your team and unlock upgrades. Hitting milestones as you collect Essence will level up your team and boost resistance to damage. Unlocking perks such as better healing abilities or stronger attacks will also give your team an advantage. Perks are chosen before the game begins, and collecting Essence is the key to victory.

PvP Or PvE?

While “Crucible” is ultimately a player vs. player experience, success relies heavily on the PvE aspect of the game. Both elements are intertwined as teams explore the game’s map. Exploration will lead to inevitable encounters against threatening animals and plants. The world itself can either be an enemy or an ally depending on how aware you are and how you use your surroundings. Killing creatures can help you earn Essence, and some plants can be used as traps or offer buffs such as temporary invisibility.

Not Completely A Battle Royale

“Crucible” contains elements that have always been attached to the battle royale genre, but it’s easy to see that the title is unique. Similar to games like “Fortnite” and Electronic Arts’ “Apex Legends,” “Crucible” will contain a premium battlepass system to introduce cosmetics. Microtransactions will also unlock customization options for players. Other similarities include a shrinking “ring” system that will force encounters and item drops that can offer things like health regeneration or damage buffs. The similarities end there as the game drops in more PvE mechanics and specific game mode objectives. Unlike a battle royale, each hunter drops into a game fully equipped with weapons and abilities that are linked to cooldown timers. Weapons can overheat, but this feature eliminates the need for ammunition.

The Game Modes

The third-person shooter will offer three game modes at launch, each containing different focuses and strategies. However, all will be played on the same map. Out of the three, two of these modes are objective-based.

Harvester Command pits two teams of eight against each other to capture and hold Essence harvesters. Each harvester will obtain Essence, which will boost a team’s score. Whoever has more harvesters will pull in more points. The first team to 100 wins.

Alpha Hunters carries similarities to a doubles match in a battle royale. Eight teams of two players will fight to be the last team standing, but this is where things start to shift. Teams can gather Essence and take advantage of the PvE elements of the game as they battle to take down enemies. The interesting quality of this game is the utilization of temporary alliances. If your teammate is killed and you’re left to survive on your own, you can team up with another lone player. Your new alliance can work toward reviving your real team, but if you become the last team standing, you’ll have to betray each other to determine the final winner.

Heart of the Hives embraces more PvE elements. Two teams of four must fight to capture three “hearts” that are found inside hives. These hives toss out enemies that must be destroyed as players try to capture the heart of the hive. However, anyone can capture a heart once the hive is slain so teams will have to defend the area from opposing players. Finding Essence to level up is key to winning the game, and players can also fight animals and capture Essence harvesters to build strength.

“Crucible” launches today as a PC exclusive, available to download from Steam.


Image Courtesy Of PlayCrucible.com