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CounterPath Reports Halo Health Selects Co. For Healthcare Clinical Collaboration Solution, No Terms Disclosed

 CounterPath Corporation (NASDAQ:CPAH) (TSX:PATH), a global provider of award-winning Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solutions for enterprises and service providers, today announced that

Benzinga · 03/16/2020 12:57

 CounterPath Corporation (NASDAQ:CPAH) (TSX:PATH), a global provider of award-winning Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solutions for enterprises and service providers, today announced that its VoIP Softphone SDK and Stretto™ Platform are enabling voice services for Halo Health via its mobile Halo Platform™, an innovative, cloud-based solution designed to improve patient care by streamlining communication and collaboration across health systems.

According to a recent study, poor communication among medical professionals can lead to various negative outcomes including discontinuity of care, compromise of patient safety, patient dissatisfaction, and inefficient use of valuable resources [1]. Additionally, by 2022, 97 percent of nurses will use mobile devices [2]. The CounterPath VoIP Softphone SDK provided Halo with the ability to embed calling capabilities into their application to enable efficient clinician and support staff communication.

The Halo Platform provides instant secure messaging, voice calling, critical results, alerts, and on-call scheduling via personal or shared mobile devices, as well as a Web app. It helps protect patients from delays of care and prevent ‘alert fatigue' among clinicians while connecting health systems with affiliated physicians across the continuum of care. The Halo Platform also simplifies the onboarding of health system users and reduces the burden on IT resources by leveraging the cloud rather than on-premise software.

The CounterPath VoIP Softphone SDK, embedded in the application, powers Halo voice services and provides instant access to voice communication. It adapts to the existing VoIP-enabled telephony infrastructure, decreasing implementation costs, time, and complexity. The CounterPath Stretto Platform provides configuration management, user experience analytics and voice-quality monitoring for the Halo clinical communication and collaboration platform. With Stretto, administrators can quickly and accurately measure the frequency and cause of user issues. Stretto also facilitates mobility, allowing clinicians to make and receive calls regardless of their location.

"We're pleased to have worked with Halo Health on a game-changing clinical communication platform for the healthcare industry," said Todd Carothers, Chief Revenue Officer at CounterPath. "Voice calling is one of the key elements of the Halo Platform, and the CounterPath VoIP Softphone SDK and Stretto Platform are helping Halo Health consolidate clinicians' communication and collaboration into one application, giving care professionals access to important data right at their fingertips and enabling faster response times and efficiency."

"CounterPath is a valuable technology partner that enables us to provide reliable VoIP calling as one of several important communication channels we provide in the Halo Platform," said Kurt Hammond, Chief Growth Officer at Halo Health. "We look forward to expanding VoIP calling functionality across our customer base as we continue to innovate and differentiate Halo Health as the category leader," added Hammond.

Since healthcare professionals need a diverse set of communication options to accomplish their varied tasks, the CounterPath VoIP Softphone SDK offers a readily customizable experience for users. For example, with a single code base, users can easily create desktop and mobile applications that best suit their unique organizational needs, based on the types of devices available, adjustable settings and desired features.

The CounterPath VoIP Softphone SDK is compliant with SIP and XMPP standards and has more certifications than any other SDK on the market. To learn more, please visit: