Experience a trading platform made for you by you.
For Mac
Intel chip-based Mac
M1 chip-based Mac
For Windows
Explore More from Charts through Technical Signals
Support over 60+ technical signals from Trading Central to help you find more trading opportunities in the chart.
Seconds Interval Chart

The seconds time interval chart enables you to follow market fluctuations closely.

Optimized Screeners & Alerts

Create your Screeners based on 40+ indicators. Filter by technical signals, financial indicators, quote indicators, and more.

Keep an eye on your favorite stocks or options and monitor market changes timely.

A Fully Customizable Trading Experience

DIY your widgets and layouts to build your trading terminal.

Customizable hotkeys settings to suit your investment habits.

Powerful, Easy-to-use Trading Widgets

Price Ladder widget makes one-click trade possible.

Modify or cancel orders in charts quickly during market fluctuations.

Place simple and group orders, single and multi-leg options directly with widgets.

Flexible Charting Tools That Support Multi-Screens and Different Platforms
Cross-platform compatibility for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with multi-screen display and performance.
Free learning resources for Desktop V6.0

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