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What types of contributions are supported?

Webull supports annual contributions, roll-over and direct roll-over of contributions, and transfers between trustees. Before making a contribution, you must open an IRA account in Webull. You may deposit through ACH or wire transfer. For wire transfer, go to the wire transfer page on the Webull app and submit the application information online. Note: 

1) For annual contributions, you may use ACH or wire transfer; both are subject to IRS annual contribution limits. 

2) For roll-over deposits, you must deposit the funds into the appropriate IRA account through ACH or wire transfer in the Webull App within 60 days after withdrawing said funds. Webull only accepts cash roll-over deposits. 

3) For direct roll-over, Webull only supports wire transfer. You must initiate the application for direct roll-over to Webull from the administrator of the retirement plan sponsored by your former employer. Again, Webull only accepts cash. 

4) Transfers from trustee to trustee are executed through the ACATS system. Webull supports cash and stock transfer. Initiate the transfer application in our app, ensuring that the two transfer accounts are of the same type, and the transfer will be completed within 5-8 business days. Webull does not charge any transfer fees, but the counterparty will charge fees. Please consult your former IRA account manager for details.

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