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Why are some stocks suddenly unavailable to trade?

Most U.S. listed equities, options, ADRs and ETFs are supported for trading on Webull Platforms. However, bonds, mutual funds, warrants, rights, units, pink sheets and penny stocks on the OTC markets are not supported. 

If a stock moved to OTC markets from a major exchange, this stock will no longer be available for trading on Webull. You can close out your existing positions in this OTC stock, but you cannot open any new positions for this security.

However, if one stock is going through a corporate action, the affected stock will be temporarily unavailable for trading while the changes are being processed by our clearing firm. A corporate action may even temporarily remove your position from a stock until the event is complete. If you still don’t see your position after the corporate action is complete, please contact us through Live Help.

The following corporate actions will affect trading in stocks:

Suspension Duration
Name Change
Including changes in symbols,CUSIP and stock names
Generally 1 - 2 trading days
Change to OTC
Stocks move to OTC markets from a major exchange
Unless stocks move back to major exchanges
The removal of a listed security from a stock exchange.
Company divides its existing shares into multiple shares to boost the liquidity of the shares.
Generally 1 - 2 trading days
Company consolidates the number of existing shares of stock into fewer, proportionally more valuable, shares.
Generally 1 - 2 trading days
Stock bonus, business merger, spin-off and other corporate actions.
Generally 1 - 2 trading days

Additionally, due to the share price volatility, some stocks may turn into penny stocks. Due to the inherent risks of penny stocks, these stocks are not tradable on Webull. If you would like to close your existing positions on these stocks, please contact us through Help Center.

If the stock is not going through a corporate action, then please contact us through Live Help, and we will have a representative with you shortly.

What kind of securities can I trade on Webull?

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