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What is an EM (Equity Maintenance) call?

An Equity Maintenance (EM) call occurs when a Pattern Day Trader's (PDT) net account value dips below $25,000 at 4 PM the previous trading day. PDT is a regulatory designation for investors that execute four or more day-trades in five business days. Once active, your PDT flag will stay on your account until you reset the PDT flag, even if you have not executed any trades recently. You can have the PDT flag lifted through the app if you unintentionally exceed the day trades limit. Once it is reset, you will not be able to reset it again until 90 days after the date of reset. 

The other two methods for getting your EM call removed are to wait until your stocks appreciate in value to bring your NAV above $25,000 at 4 PM that trading day or to deposit funds to bring your NAV above $25,000 by 4 PM. Once your net account value is above $25,000 at 4 PM on a trading day, the EM call will fall off the following business day.


I unintentionally executed the fourth day trade in five business days, can I have the PDT flag lifted?

Why did I receive a call? I didn't day trade in recent days.

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