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I have a non-U.S. bank account. How do I make a deposit into my Webull brokerage account?

For non-U.S. bank accounts, the only way you can deposit into our brokerage is through an international wire transfer. 

Usually, you need to go through your bank platform to submit a wire transfer. The following bank account information will be required.

1) International wire fees: Our clearing firm charges $12.5 for each deposit. You may be subject to pay extra fees according to the policy of your remitting bank and the intermediary bank. 

2) Beneficiary bank account information:

Bank Name
BMO Harris Bank
Bank Address
111 W Monroe St Chicago, IL, 60603
ABA Code
FBO (Beneficiary's Account Name)
Apex Clearing Corporation
Beneficiary's Account Number
Beneficiary's Address
One Dallas Center 350 N. St Paul Suite 1300 Dallas TX 75201
Beneficiary's Phone Number
FFC (For Final Credit to)
Please provide your Webull account name along with 8-digit alphanumeric account number 5XXXXXXX

Please note:

a) You must provide your full name and Webull account number in the description/comment. We also highly recommend putting your account number on the beneficiary page, such as Apex Clearing Corp 5XXXXXXX. 

b) Please note that wire transfers must be initiated with your own personal bank account. We do not accept any 3rd party wires and all transactions must be in the same name. Third-party wires will be rejected and returned. A returned wire may incur bank fees which will be borne by the remitter.

c) You may be required to fill in either a Swift code or ABA code (routing number) depending on which bank you use.

d) Some platforms may automatically complete the blanks of beneficiary bank's information once you put in the Swift/ABA code. In that case, just leave the auto-filled information as they are.

e) International wire transfers may take up to 5 business days. Funds will be placed into your account the next business day after we receive your deposit.

f) We do not accept any 3rd party wires and all transactions must be in the same name.

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