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Rollover rules

  1. Webull temporarily only supports the rollover of stocks, American Depositary Receipts (ADR), U.S. stock options and ETF products.
  2. Selecting all transfers will transfer stocks and USD cash together. Non-USD is temporarily not supported.
  3. If the source account type of the transfer is inconsistent with the account type of Webull (such as the mutual transfer between the cash account and the margin trading account), your transfer may fail.
  4. During the rollover process, Webull does not charge any fees, but the brokerage firm from which you rollover may charge you a rollover fee of approximately US$75 (please consult your source brokerage for specific charges) due to the small amount of funds The cost of rollover will be relatively high, and Webull Securities does not support rollover with assets less than US$500 for the time being.
  5. Please note that if you choose to transfer all positions, your positions or funds held by the counterparty brokerage will be automatically transferred to Weinull Securities.
  6. Only support transfers from a brokerage account with the same name (account opening name).

Webull rollover fee breakdown 

1. Transfer from other brokerages to Webull:

Charging partyproject
APEX (Cooperative Clearing Company)
Other brokers
For details, please consult the policies of other brokers. Some brokers charge USD 75 per transaction.

2. Transfer from Webull to other brokerages:

Charging party
APEX (Cooperative Clearing Company)
USD 75 per transaction
Other brokers
For details, please consult other brokerage policies.

How long does it take for Webull to transfer positions? 

It usually takes 7 working days to transfer from other brokers to Webull Securities. However, if the types of the brokerage accounts you transfer in and out are inconsistent, or you have new transactions in the outbound brokerage account after you initiate the transfer application, the transfer operation will be postponed.


Use ACAT to transfer stocks, there is usually 30 minutes after submitting the application to cancel the transfer application. However, this time is an estimated time. Under normal circumstances, once our clearing firm Apex receives your transfer application and starts processing it, this transfer application cannot be cancelled. The operation of canceling the rollover is as follows:

  1. Click on the Webull account page and select "transfer to stocks"
  2. Click "Transfer Record" in the upper right corner of the page
  3. Select the rollover application you want to cancel
  4. At the bottom of the details page of the transfer application, click "Cancel"

30 minutes after each transfer request is submitted, the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the details page will disappear. This means that our clearing firm Apex receives your transfer application and starts processing it. At this time, this transfer application cannot be revoked.

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