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FAQs for Estate Accounts

What happens if the account holder becomes deceased?

In the event of an account holder’s death, please contact us at 1-888-828-0618 in a timely manner. We will need to secure the account and begin the asset transfer process. Please be ready to provide the following documentation: death certificate, beneficiary ID and SSN.

Inheriting a Webull Account

Please contact us in a timely manner to secure the account. We will provide you with the proper instructions to begin the inheritance process. Please expect to provide us with proper legal documentation to begin the transfer of assets.

What to expect from the Estate process?

Once you have notified us that the account holder is deceased, we will begin the estate process to claim the assets in the account. You will be required to provide legal documentation and fill out certain transfer forms.

How long does the Estate process take?

The completion of the estate process depends on how quickly the estate executor can produce and complete all the required paperwork. Typically, the completion of an estate takes several weeks.

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