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Stock Transfer
  • Tips for transferring stocks to your Webull account.
  • How long does stock transfer take?
  • What types of accounts can I transfer to Webull?
  • What does Webull charge to transfer stocks?
  • What kinds of securities can I transfer to my Webull account?
  • How do I transfer stocks to my Webull account?
  • What types of transfers are available?
  • Why is my stock transfer request still pending?
  • Why am I not able to trade/withdraw/deposit with my Webull account after initiated a stock transfer out request?
  • Why did my stock transfer fail/get rejected?
  • What is an ACATS stock transfer?
  • How do I cancel a stock transfer request?
  • What is Webull's DTC number?
  • Can I transfer stocks from a cash account to a margin account, or vice versa?