How to understand categories in Funds Record in History?
How to understand categories in Funds Record in History?


Trade includes all your changes in cash caused by trades in stocks, ETFs, options, crypto currencies and other securities. It also includes any and all trading fees associated with the trades charged by the regulatory agencies including the SEC, FINRA and the OCC.

Cash Transfer

Cash Transfer refers to changes in cash from all deposits and withdrawals including ACH reversal fees and wire transfer fees charged by our clearing firm. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for more details.

Stock Transfer

Stock Transfer refers to changes from transfers of securities from one brokerage account to another brokerage account. It also includes outgoing transfer fees charged by the clearing firm.


Dividends refer to changes in cash caused by dividends issued by listed companies. It includes your dividend revenue in cash, the dividend payment for short positions and any withholding tax for dividends where applicable.


Interests include your interest payments for margin trading and short selling, and interest income you have earned and received from the Stock Lending Income Program by lending out stocks held in your account. The interest is accrued daily and will be paid in the middle of every month.

Corporate Actions

Corporate Actions refers to changes in cash caused by corporate actions including stock splits, spinoff, mergers, acquisition, delisting, liquidation, etc.


Fees include postage paper confirms, statements, prospectus postage fees, and the ADR fees charged by the ADR depositary bank when you trade non-U.S. listed stocks through ADRs if your email address fails to receive the electronic documents by email.

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