What's the fee schedule of Stock Transfer?
What's the fee schedule of Stock Transfer?

Settlement-related Services

ItemsChargesCharged by
Stock Deposit via Settlement Instruction0N/A
Stock Withdrawal via Settlement InstructionCCASS fee: 0.002% of Gross Value of An Exchange Trade (Min HK$2,Max HK$100)HKSCC
Handling fee: HK$50/stock (Min HK$50)Webull
Forced Share Buy-in0.5% of stock value based on previous closing price (Min HK$500)Webull
plus, other fees charged by SEHK (if any)SEHK


1. Number of transferred stocks: represents the number of stock symbol types that transferred, not the specific number of lots. If 09988.HK@100 shares are transferred, it means the number of transferred shares=1

2. Settlement fee=0.002%*∑Single stock transfer quantity*The closing price of the previous trading day before the completion of the transfer (minimum: HK$ 2 , maximum: HK$100 )

3.  Stocks that traded in Hong Kong market are calculated in Hong Kong dollars, shares that traded in Mainland China are calculated in RMB.

Updated: 17/8/2020, Webull reserves the right to add, change or modify the fee schedule at its own discretion from time to time without prior notice.

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