Free Three-month TotalView Quotes For All Webull Clients
Free Three-month TotalView Quotes For All Webull Clients

Webull established a strategic partnership with NASDAQ to bring our clients premier Level 2 Market Data, powered by Nasdaq TotalView. All Webull Client will have access to free TotalView, which is also named Lv-2 quotes, from Aug 20th, 2020 for three months. Here are some questions you may have:

1. Am I going to be charged for the Lv-2 quotes three months later?

No, you will not be automatically charged. Once it expires,you can manually re-subscribe in the app for 1.99 a month.

2. Why did I receive the email notification about LV2 quotes?

We sent this one-time Email notification to let you know that we will be giving you 3 months of advanced quotes for free.

3. How do I cancel the free LV2 quotes?  

We are providing these quotes free of charge for 3 months. If you still want to cancel it before expiration, please reach out to us in the help center and we will go ahead with your request. 

Please note that once the free quotes are canceled, we will be unable to re-initiate them again.

4. Will I be refunded as I paid for lv-1 or lv-2 before and it remains valid after Aug 20th?

We will cancel your paid subscription automatically and convert the full amount you have paid (The original price is $2.99/month for lv-1 quotes and $24.99/month for Lv-2 quotes) into the equivalent value Lv-2 subscription based on the new price, which is $1.99/month.  

5. What about the clients who have received a free subscription for participating in an Advanced Quotes Bonus promotion?

After the 3-month complimentary subscription, clients will have to pay $1.99/month to continue receiving Level-2 Market Data. If they choose to not resubscribe, they'll automatically receive Level-1 Market Data (Nasdaq Basic) instead. Level-1 Market Data is free and there is no end date. All Advanced Quotes Bonus promotions, except the OPRA quotes, are now invalid. 

6. What are TotalView quotes?

Please see below for an introduction to Level 2 Market Data

Introduction to Level 2 Market Data  

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