Referral Bonus Promotion
Referral Bonus Promotion

Duration: 4/1/2021-4/15/20211


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Each free stock is valued between $8-$1600.

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How do I get the referral bonus?

  • Invite others to open and fund a brokerage account on Webull by sending them your unique referral link. 

You can find your referral link by going to MENU >>> PROMOTION CENTER >>> INVITATION BONUS >>> INVITE NOW.

Verbal referrals do not count. Your friend MUST use your link to sign up with Webull in order for you to be credited. This is non-negotiable. 

  • Your friend must use your link to sign up, open a brokerage account and fund their account with at least $100 or more in order for you to receive your rewards. 
  • You must wait till your referral’s $100 or more deposit settle before you can claim your free stocks. 

How do I send my referral link?

You will need to locate your referral link first.

Go to >>> MENU >>> PROMOTION CENTER >>> INVITATION BONUS >>> INVITE. Once you tap on “INVITE”, you will have the option of sharing your link via e-mail, text or social media.

My friend signed up with my referral link, but I do not see them under my invite list.

If your friend’s e-mail or phone number does not show up under your invite list, it means they did not use your link to sign up with Webull. These situations happen when your friend had previously signed up with us either via or somebody else’s referral link. Keep in mind, sometimes people forget they have already signed up with us. You can always double check with your invite to make sure they’ve actually signed up with your referral link. 

My friend showed me that they have already opened and funded their Webull account. I see their e-mail/phone number in my invite list, but it just says they’ve signed up.

An example of this happening would be: your friend signed up with their phone number using your referral link. However, they didn’t open up an account until later and this time around, they used their e-mail address. In this scenario, your friend did open a brokerage account successfully, but they did it without using their phone number, which is tied to your invite list. In cases like this, please contact us via the Help Center and one of our support team members will look into this for you.

Where can I check the amount of people I have referred to Webull? 

Click on My Invites to see the latest progress of your referrals’ application. You will be able to see how many friends you have invited and how many of them opened and funded their account. You can access this page by going to MENU >>> PROMOTION CENTER >>> INVITATION BONUS >>> MY INVITES.

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