Win a Share of KO Weekly
Win a Share of KO Weekly


Event duration is 07/10/2020 - 08/07/2020, including 4 rounds (weeks).



1. Open a Webull brokerage account with us and receive one (1) raffle ticket! Each raffle ticket grants you a chance to win one (1) share of KO! Every week, we will randomly draw 300 raffle tickets.

2. A successful referral = a new user, who has never signed up with Webull before,  uses the referee’s referral link to sign up, and opens a brokerage account within 30 days of signing up.

Clients must tap on “Participate Now” on this promotion’s landing page in order to earn raffle tickets.

3. Each participating user can earn up to 10 raffle tickets every week.

The single unit prize for the promotion is one (1) share of KO(NYSE). The winning client may choose to hold onto the stock or sell it. The distribution of this stock as a prize does not entail a stock recommendation by Webull.

4. Once the winner is announced, the winner will be required to claim their prize within 30 days. Once claimed, it will be delivered to their account within 10 trading days. If the prize is not claimed within 10 trading days, the prize will be considered invalid and returned back to Webull.

5. As required by applicable rules and regulation, the monetary value of all received Webull Financial LLC offers may be reported as Other Income on Form 1099-MISC. Webull Financial LLC is not responsible for any taxes related to this stock reward promotion.

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