Initial Deposit Bonus Promotion
Initial Deposit Bonus Promotion




ONE (1) Free Stock (valued between $8 - $1600) 

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How do I get the initial deposit bonus?

1.You must make an initial deposit of $100 or more within 30 days of signing up. Please note: the 30-day countdown starts on the day you signed up, not the day your account’s been opened. Even though unlikely, if your application took longer than 30 days to be approved, please contact us via the Help Center and we will reactivate this promotion for you. 

2.You can only claim your initial deposit bonus stock when your $100 or more deposit has settled into your account. Please see below for deposit methods and estimated wait time for the funds to settle.

3.This promotion is only open to clients who owns a Webull brokerage account and currently reside in the United States.

MethodHow long does it take?How much does it cost?
ACH DepositAbout 5 - 7 business daysFree unless a reversal occurs
Wire depositDomestic Wire: 1-2 business daysInternational Wire: 1-5 business dayDomestic Wire: $8International Wire: $12.50
Stock TransferAbout 5-7 business daysYour broker may charge you $75 or more to transfer out your stocks.

Why didn’t I receive my initial deposit bonus stock?

  1. Was this your initial deposit into a Webull brokerage account? If you already have a Webull brokerage account and had previously made deposits into that account, you will not be able to receive a 2nd initial deposit bonus stock.
  2. Has the $100 or more deposit cleared? It may show as “settled” on your app but keep in mind, all ACH deposits can take up to 5-7 business days to settle. Please wait for your deposit to settle before claiming your initial deposit stock.
  3. Did you make the initial deposit of $100 or more within 30 days of signing up?
  4. Was the initial deposit made in the full $100 minimum requirement? This means, you cannot make more than one deposit attempt to reach the $100 minimum. You cannot make two separate $50 deposits and expect that to count as a full $100 initial deposit.

My initial deposit is less than $100 but I deposited more later. The total amount reaches $100. Will I still be eligible for the initial deposit bonus?

Unfortunately, the initial deposit amount must be $100 or more.

My first deposit failed to be initiated. Am I still qualified to participate in the initial deposit bonus promotion if I initiate another one successfully?

If the failed deposit was caused by Webull, you can definitely participate in this promotion again. However, if it was a mistake from your end, for example: insufficient funds, wrong account info entered etc, you will not be able to participate in this promotion again. 

My first deposit was returned. If I deposit one more time, will I get the bonus?

No. If it was returned due to your own mistake, you will be disqualified from this promotion. 

Can I make my initial deposit via an account transfer?

Yes, you can. However, account transfer can sometimes take longer to settle in your account. Please contact us via the Help Center if your account has settled and you are not able to claim an initial deposit bonus stock.

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