What do I do if I get an EM call?
What do I do if I get an EM call?

If you receive an EM call, you can: 

1. Deposit funds/wait for the market appreciation to raise your equity above $25,000, then your EM call will be lifted the next business day.

2. Access to PDT reset page through "Day Trade Left" button or Quick Access in Help Center (only once every 90 days).  Requests will take 1-2 days to process so by the third business day you will be able to day trade again.  

Note, that if your account net value drops below $25,000 when the market closes at 4 p.m. EST but goes back above $25,000 in the after-market hours you will still get an EM call. For market appreciation, it will not remove the call immediately, you need to be above $25,000 when market closes so that the call will be removed on the next day.

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