Referral Bonus Promotion - Refer 3 Friends Get 9 Free stocks!
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Referral Bonus Promotion - Refer 3 Friends Get 9 Free stocks!

What are the rules?

Duration: 5/12/2020-6/22/2020

Our Regular Promotion:

Every successful* referral will grant you 2 free stocks, each valued between $12-$1400!

*Successful referral: A new user uses the referee's unique referral link to sign up and make an initial deposit of at least $100 within 30 days of signing up. 

Special Promotion! Bonus Stocks!
During this promotion, receive a BONUS stock (for each referral) when you successfully refer THREE people to join us! Each stock will be valued between $12-$1400.

You successfully referred Mary to join Webull. You receive 2 free stocks.

You successfully referred John to join Webull. You receive 2 free stocks.

You successfully referred Tom to join Webull. You receive 2 free stocks.

Promotion: Refer 3 friends, Get 9 free stocks!

Bonus stock added to each referral = 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1= 9!

Each stock is valued between $12 - $1400!

After receiving your 6 stocks, every successful referral will only grant you 2 free stocks.

For more details, please check the terms & conditions.

How to send my referral link?

Go to >>> MENU >>> PROMOTION CENTER >>> REFERRAL BONUS >>> INVITE. Once you tap INVITE, you will have the option of sharing your link via e-mail, text or social media.

How do I make sure I can get the referral stocks?

1, Please make sure he/she is under your invite list;



2, Make sure she/he opens a trading account under the ID that is registered through your referral link. If s/he registers an APP ID through your link and then register another ID and open account with that ID, then you are not qualified for the free stocks.


3, Make sure the invitee’s first deposit is settled. Each ACH transfer takes 5 biz days to settle. The ability to trade with provisional credit or ‘settled cash’ displayed in a cash account does not necessarily mean the deposit has settled fully.


I've followed all the steps above. Where are my free stocks?

1. The invitee's deposit has not settled yet. In this scenario, the inviter can claim the bonus stocks when the invitee's net account value is increased by the deposit amount.

2. The invitee had an ACH reversal. In this scenario, the invitee becomes invalid and is then excluded from the inviter's referral list.  

3. The inviter has claimed 200 free stocks this month. In this scenario, the inviter cannot claim any more free stocks until next month.

My friend/family has used my link to sign up. Why do I not see them in my referral list? 

Please make sure he/she has used your referral link before signing up.

My friend/family used my referral link to open a brokerage account. Why do I see his/her status as “Sign Upinstead of “Account Approvalor “Deposited?

This may happen when your invitee has 2 different APP IDs, one is registered under your referral link while the other is not. Please ask him/her to log in with either email or mobile number and find out which is under your invite list.

Problem Solved?
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