Account Transfer Promotion
Account Transfer Promotion

Duration: 3/2/2021 00:00 EST – 3/29/2021 16:00 EST (PLEASE NOTE: THIS PROMOTION HAS ALREADY ENDED).

Promotion link:

What are the perks and bonuses?

3-month Level 2 Advance subscription

Transfer fee reimbursement

Free Stocks

Your Incoming Account ValueYour Perks + Bonuses
TIER A: $800-$1,999· Transfer fee reimbursement (up to $100)
TIER B: $2,000-$9,999· Transfer fee reimbursement (up to $100)· 5 free stocks (each valued: $9 - $1600)
TIER C: $10,000-$24,999· Transfer fee reimbursement (up to $100)· 10 free stocks (each valued: $9 - $1600) 
TIER D: $25,000+· Transfer fee reimbursement (up to $100)· 25 free stocks (each valued: $9 - $1600) 
All tiers include a complimentary 3-month subscription to Level 2 Advance. The subscription will be added to your account the day your incoming transfer settles at Webull.

Note: This promotion is only applicable for Webull cash and margin accounts that are opened with U.S. SSN. Any other accounts (such as Webull IRAs) are not qualified for this.

I already transferred in the required assets. When can I get my free stocks for transferring in?

Stocks are available for claim on 4/20/2021. Please note, if you initiated a withdraw or transfer out before the stock claim date, the free stocks will be voided.


I initiated a transfer in during the event but it won’t be completed before 3/29/2021. Will I still be eligible for the perks and bonus?

Yes, you will be. As long as you initiated an account transfer before 3/29/2021, 16:00 ET. The value of assets transferred in must be no less than $800 though.


For more information, please check out the stock allocation in the terms and conditions page. 

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