What is an active participant?
What is an active participant?

You are considered an "active participant" if you are covered by one or more of the following employer-sponsored retirement plans: 

1) A qualified pension, profit-sharing, 401(k), or stock bonus plan; 

2) A qualified annuity plan; 

3) A simplified employee pension (SEP) plan; 

4) A retirement plan established by the Federal government, a State, or a political subdivision; 

5) A tax-sheltered annuity for employees of certain tax-exempt organizations or public schools; 

6) A plan meeting the requirements of IRC Section 501(c)(18); 

7) A qualified plan for self-employed individuals (H.R. 10 or Keogh Plan); 

8) A SIMPLE IRA Plan or a SIMPLE 401(k) plan. If you do not know whether your employer maintains one of these plans or whether you are considered an active participant, check your W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement) that you receive at the end of the year from your employer. It will indicate whether you are deemed an active participant.

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