When will my stock's dividends hit my account?
When will my stock's dividends hit my account?

You must buy a US stock before its ex-dividend date in order to be eligible for its dividend.  


Declaration Date
Ex-Dividend Date
Record Date
Payable Date
Monday, 6/12 Monday, 6/19 Wed, 6/21 Thursday, 7/6

The ex-dividend date of ABC is on Monday, a trading day. In order to receive the dividend, the latest you need to buy ABC is 8 pm on Friday, 6/16, and the earliest you can sell it is 4 AM on Monday 6/19. 

Once the dividend hits your account, you can find it on your monthly account statement or on the mobile app by:

1) Clicking into your Webull homepage (bottom middle of the page)

2) Clicking on the "History" button

3) Changing the records button, located next to the filter button, to "Dividends Records"

Dividends received can be found on the downloaded desktop app by going to "Account" tab and changing the drop down located in the "Banking" window, next to the fund history, from "All" to "Dividends" 


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