What is an EM (Equity Maintenance) call?
What is an EM (Equity Maintenance) call?

An Equity Maintenance (EM) call occurs when a pattern day trader (PDT) account dips below $25,000 net value. PDT is a regulatory designation for investors that execute four or more day-trades in five business days. You can have the first PDT flag lifted through the app if you unintentionally exceed the day trades limit. Please note that this is a one-time per 90 days service. Once it is reset, you will not be able to reset it again until 90 days later.

I unintentionally executed the fourth day trade in five business days, can I have the PDT flag lifted?

Why did I receive a call? I didn't day trade in recent days.

If an account day trades with an open EM call, the account will be restricted to liquidate-stocks-only status for 90 days. 


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