What is a DT call?
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What is a DT call?

A Day Trading (DT) call occurs whenever opening trades exceed the day trading buying power issued on a given day. A DT call has nothing to do with the times of day-trades executed in the last 5 business days.

TRD-DT0001 S.jpg

1) If you have one open DT call, initial day trade buying power will be calculated on a 2 times basis along with no time and tick release (PDT account). Non-PDT accounts will be calculated on a 4 times basis and still not use time and tick release. 

2) If you have one DT call past due, your account will be restricted to liquidation-only status for 90 days. 

3) If you have two DT call past due, your account will be closed for 90 days. You can deposit funds in your account during this period to meet the DT calls: doing so will reopen your account. 

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