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What kinds of securities can I transfer to my Webull account?
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What kinds of securities can I transfer to my Webull account?

We support all listed US stocks on the Webull platform, which means if you can buy/sell the security, you can transfer it to or from your Webull account. This covers most US listed equities and ETFs; however, a few stocks and ETFs are not supported for trading by Apex, our clearing firm (Currently, bonds, mutual funds, pink sheets or penny stocks on OTC markets are not supported). 

To ensure the specific security being transferred is tradable on Webull, please check with the following method. 

1)Tap "Watchlists" in the bottom navigation bar. 

2) Tap the "Search key" on the top right corner. 

3) Search the symbol or company name. If no trade button shows up on the bottom, it is not tradable on Webull. 

If you are trying to transfer bonds, options, mutual funds, or other types of securities not supported on Webull, your transfer will be rejected.

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