Deposit & Withdrawal
I never received the two micro-deposits.
I never received the two micro-deposits.

Please confirm with your bank that it is capable of receiving an ACH transfer. Go to your bank’s platform to check the cash inflows; sometimes your bank won’t notify you about the micro-deposits. If you still do not receive the micro-deposits, please try the micro-deposit verification again after two business days, or try the real-time verification. If both fail, please use another bank account. 

Please note that the two micro-deposits are sent by our clearing firm and removed after 48 hours. It does not matter if the verification process is completed or not. The amounts are only known by the bank account owner. Webull does not know when the two deposits will be sent out or their amount. If you initiated the micro-deposit verification on Friday or on a weekend, they should arrive in your bank account by Monday.

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