Day Trading Call (DT Call)
Day Trading Call (DT Call)

A DT Call occurs when your day trading exceeds the day trading buying power issued on a given day. 

A DT Call can ONLY be met by depositing funds in the full amount of the call. Liquidating stocks cannot meet a DT Call. The funds must stay in the account for at least two business days before your account is returned to good standing. 

Penalty for DT Call: 

If there is one open DT Call, your day trade buying power will be calculated on two times minimum maintenance excess and no time and tick release (PDT account). Non-PDT accounts will receive four times and still no time and tick release. If there is one DT Call past due, your account will be restricted to liquidation only for 90 days. If there are two DT Calls past due, your account will be subject to a 90-day closure. If you deposit the sum money of all DT calls during this 90-day closure period, your account can be reopened.

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