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How do I fund my Webull account with a wire transfer?
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How do I fund my Webull account with a wire transfer?

A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of money between accounts, including accounts at different financial institutions. 

Wire transfers are fast and highly secure. You can initiate the transfer by asking your bank to wire funds to Webull and provide them with the information below.

U.S. Dollar amount
Recipient Bank Name
BMO Harris Bank
Bank Address
111 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60603
ABA Number
For the Benefit of (FBO)
Apex Clearing Corp 5XXXXXXX (your Webull account number)
Bank Account Number
Beneficiary's Address
One Dallas Center, 350 N. St Paul Suite 1300 Dallas,TX 75201
Beneficiary's Phone Number
For Final Credit to (FFC)
Please provide your Webull account name along with 8-digit alphanumeric account number 5XXXXXXX


1)  You must provide your full name and Webull account number in the description/comment. We also highly recommend putting your account number on the beneficiary page, such as Apex Clearing Corp 5XXXXXXX. 

2) Domestic wire transfers can be completed in two business days, but international wire transfers may take up to five business days. Funds will be placed into your account the next business day after we receive your deposit. 

3) We do not accept any third-party wires and all transactions must be in the same name.

What are the fees for a wire transfer?

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