Deposit & Withdrawal
Deposit Notes
Deposit Notes

1. Currently, Webull Securities supports the deposit of Hong Kong dollars, RMB and U.S. dollars.

2. Please use the bank account with the same name as the securities account for remittance. Webull Securities does not accept third-party remittances using other person's bank accounts.

3. Webull Securities does not accept remittances using joint bank accounts.

4. Webull Securities does not accept cash deposited by users directly at the Webull custodian bank through ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) or bank counter.

5. The funds are returned by the original route due to the customer's reasons, and the relevant bank handling fees incurred during the refund shall be borne by the customer.

6. After the remittance bank shows that the funds are "remitted", the time required to process the remittance in our back office varies according to different remittance methods. The actual arriving time is subject to the display of the custodian bank of Webull Securities.

7. After the funds reach the Webull Securities bank account, the funds is required to be verified. The approval will not be processed during Hong Kong holidays. Please make a schedule for it.

8. It is reported that China mainland bank accounts cannot perform deposit and withdrawal operations. Please use Hong Kong or other overseas bank accounts for deposit and withdrawal operations.

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