Trading in US market
Frequently Asked Questions about trading in U.S. Market
Frequently Asked Questions about trading in U.S. Market

1. What kind of securities can be traded after opening U.S. market? Can I trade during pre-market and after-market trading?

Currently, we only provide US-listed stocks and ETFs trading services. Pre-market and after-market trading are coming soon.

2. I have a Cash account. Can I trade US stocks with margin or short stocks?

Currently, after opening U.S. market, your account can trade U.S. stocks on cash basis. Short selling and margin financing are not supported at this moment.

3. What kind of order types are available for U.S. market?

Clients can place limit orders and market orders valid for the day currently.

4. What currency is used for cross-market transactions?

Currently, we do not provide cross-market trading. Therefore, you have to maintain sufficient purchasing power in the currency of the underlying securities/derivatives.

Types of products tradable in different currencies with Webull HK account:

HK Market (SEHK)
Equities, ETFs, REITS, listed derivatives (warrants, CBBCs, in-line warrants), etc.
Equities, ETFs, REITS, etc.
China Connect (A-share)
Equities on SSE and SZSE, excluding for GEM board on SZSE and China-next board on SSE.
US Market (NYSE, Nasdaq, OTC)
Equites, ETFs

Note: Webull may adjust the list of tradable products any time without prior notice.

You may convert currencies using Webull App or deposit specific currency if needed.

5. What’s the fee schedule of trading US stocks/ETFs through Webull HK securities account?

Trading Fee of US stocks and ETFs.

6. If I have debit balance after allotment of IPO applied through financing, will you liquidate my US stocks in my account?

If there is a debit balance after liquidating all IPO and other HK securities, we may force sell your securities in U.S. market until the proceeds can cover the debit balance in HKD. The proceeds will be converted into HKD automatically.

7. I already have a Webull US account, can I combine it with my Webull HK account?

Unfortunately, since your Webull US account and Webull HK account are under two separate independent brokers, your Webull HK and Webull HK account cannot be merged or combined. However, your Webull US account can be used as normal after you open US market with Webull HK account.

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