Does Webull support a Back Door ROTH?
Does Webull support a Back Door ROTH?

Yes, please speak with a trusted tax professional or a CPA about any IRS taxes, fees, or penalties you may face if you do so.  A Back Door Roth is when you convert your Traditional (Pre-Tax) IRA account portfolio and holdings, either in partial or in full, into a ROTH (Post-Tax) IRA, where your portfolio and distributions grow completely tax free.

In order to perform a Back Door Roth, you will need to have a ROTH IRA opened, AND a funded Traditional/Rollover IRA account opened here at Webull.  Once both IRA account types are opened, you will then need to fill out, date, and sign our ROTH Conversion Forms’ highlighted fields and email it back to for this conversion to take place. Please review the document attached on how to properly complete the Roth Conversion form. Please be advised that ROTH IRA Conversions cannot be reversed or recharacterized back into a Traditional IRA. 


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