Deposit & Withdrawal
Popular inquiries about withdrawals
Popular inquiries about withdrawals

Notes for withdrawal

1. Currently, Webull Securities supports the withdrawal of HKD, RMB and USD.

2. Withdrawal of funds needs to be withdrawn to a bank account with the same name as a securities account. Withdrawal to another's bank account is not supported.

3. It is not supported to withdraw funds to bank accounts opened jointly with others.

4. The cut-off processing time for withdrawal is 11:00 am on each trading day. Withdrawal instructions initiated after 11:00 am will be processed on the next trading day.

5. Withdrawal instructions are not processed during Hong Kong holidays, please make the schedule earlier.

How to withdraw funds from a Webull account?

Users of Webull Securities can withdraw funds through the APP. The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to Home page> Transfers> Withdraw

Step 2: Select currency that you want to withdraw (HKD, CNY and USD are supported)

Step 3: Fill in the amount of funds you wish to withdraw

Step 4: Submit the application and wait for the funds to arrive

Except for withdrawing funds to overseas accounts, Webull Securities does not charge handling fees during the process of withdrawing funds.

Time and fee of withdrawal


Webull Securities Co., Ltd. reserves the right to adjust the fee standard at any time.

How to change the withdrawal bank account?

If your account opening verification is via online transfer, only withdrawals to authenticated bank accounts are supported. If you want to change the withdrawal account, you can go to the Menu page> Help Center> Feedback to contact us.

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