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Online transfer verification
Online transfer verification

Precautions for online transfer verification

When you use a Hong Kong bank account with the same name to transfer funds to a Webull Securities account, please noted that:

1. A single transfer of funds to the account shall not be less than HK$10,000 (or equivalent in RMB or USD);

2. When transferring funds across banks, the relevant bank may charge a handling fee. Please consult your bank for the remittance fee.

3. To facilitate bank reconciliation and improve the efficiency of deposit review, please upload the proof of remittance certificate for this deposit. The proof of remittance must contain: remittance amount, remittance account number, remittance number (bank serial number);

4. In order to verify your account, Webull Securities may ask you to provide a photo of your bank card or bank account statement. 

How long does it take to verify online transfers?

The time for the funds to arrive will vary slightly depending on the method of transfer.


When your funds are successfully transferred in 1-3 business days, the staff will complete the deposit review, and after the review is completed, you will be notified in the form of App notification, SMS or email.

Online transfer and remittance information

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