Account Opening
Account types supported by Webull Hong Kong
Account types supported by Webull Hong Kong

Currently, Webull Securities only supports cash accounts. The margin account will be launched in the near future. At that time, you can upgrade your account on App.

With the same trading account, it supports the opening of Hong Kong stock trading and China Connect (A-share) trading markets. When you open an account, "Hong Kong Stocks" is a required option, and "China Connect" is an optional option.

After opening an account, how to apply for China Connect (A shares) trading authority?

During account opening progress, go to Select Account> Trade Market and check "China Connect".

If you have successfully opened an account, you can select Homepage>More>China Connect and submit a China Connect application. Within 1-2 business days after you submit the application, the staff will complete the review, and you will be notified in the form of internal notifications, SMS or emails via the App.



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