IPO Subscription Fee
IPO Subscription Fee

Introduction to the standard charges for IPO subscription: Cash subscription fee: HK$50 per transaction; Margin subscription fee: HK$100 per transaction. 

Please note that if no share is allotted, the handling fee and interests(for margin subscription) shall still apply. Please refer to the fee standards for details of the charges.

ItemsChargesCharged by
Handling Fee for IPO Application through CashHK$50 /per applicationWebull
Handling Fee for IPO Application through MarginHK$100 /per applicationWebull
Interest Rate of IPO Application through MarginMarket Prevailing RateWebull
Commission1% of the Allotment Amount (Min HK$0.01)Webull
Transaction Levy0.0027% of the Allotment Amount (Min HK$0.01)SFC
Trading Fee0.005% of the Allotment Amount (Min HK$0.01)SEHK
Note: If there is no allotment of the application, the Handling Fees and Interest of Margin IPO will not be refunded.

The charges for preferential activities are subject to the specific display.

Update: 17/8/2021, Webull reserves the right to add, change or modify the fee schedule at its own discretion from time to time without prior notice.

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