Is fractional shares trading available on Webull?
Is fractional shares trading available on Webull?

We are glad to announce that fractional trading is fully rolled out on Webull Mobile as of July 13, 2021!  If you would like to know more about fractional trading on Webull, please tap here

For fractional trading we currently only offer market orders during normal trading hours. You can determine if a stock is available for fractional trading if there is a green diamond icon on the stock details page. When you place an order, you need to switch the order type to Market and specify the fractional amount when you place the trade. At this time, you cannot enter a dollar amount for a fractional order however we are working on optimizing this feature. If you are looking to have a fractional position with a whole share attached, then the fractional order would need to be placed separately from the whole share order. For example, if your goal is to own 1.5 shares of ABC stock then you would need to buy one whole share and then place a separate order for the partial share of 0.5. 



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