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  • Free stock Allocation Rules
  • Account Opening Free Stock Promotion
  • Referral Bonus Promotion - Refer 3 Friends Get 9 Free stocks!
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Account Opening
  • What types of accounts can I open with Webull?
  • How long does it take to open a Webull account?
  • Can I trade in pre and post market with my Webull account?
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Deposit & Withdrawal
  • Why can't I withdraw my cash immediately?
  • Why didn't I receive the 2 micro deposits for ACH verification?
  • For my ACH deposit, how long does it take?
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Options Trading
  • What is an option?
  • What are the Option Trading Levels and their Terms and Conditions?
  • What are the Advantages and Risks of Options?
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Stock Transfer
  • Tips for Transfer of Stocks to Your Webull Account
  • What does Webull charge for securities transfer?
  • How long does the stock transfer take?
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  • Why some stocks are not available to trade suddenly?
  • What is a Good-Faith Violation (GFV)?
  • Can I short stocks on Webull?
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  • Commission and Fees
  • Isn't the commission free? Why was my trade charged $0.02?
  • What is the interest on margin trading?
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  • What's the requirement to open a traditional IRA?
  • How much does Webull charge for the IRA?
  • Why invest in an IRA?
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About Us
  • Is my brokerage account insured and protected?
  • Why Webull?
  • What is Webull Financial LLC?
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  • Webull Data Disclaimer
  • What sorts of platforms does Webull provide?
  • How can I find more indicators with Webull App?
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Webull Desktop
  • How to trade on the Webull desktop platform?
  • How to login the Webull desktop platform?
  • How do I change my personal information?
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  • Company Valuation: Basic Indicators and Financial Indicators
  • What is Buying Power?
  • What is Positions Cost Distribution?
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  • What sorts of market data can I use for free with Webull?
  • What are advanced quotes?
  • How can I tell if the stock quotes I am looking is real-time or delayed?
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