Currencies: USD
Net Income
Depreciation and Amortization
Deferred Tax
Unamortized Expenditures
Accrued Expenses
Share-based Compensation
Assets Disposal
Financial Expenses
Investment Loss
Working Capital Change
Other Items
Operating Activities
Purchases of Fixed Assets
Proceeds from Disposal of Fixed Assets
Investment Expenditure
Investment Income
Other Investing Activities
Investing Activities
Issuance of Capital Stock
Issuance of Bonds
Proceeds from Borrowings
Dividend Payments
Repayment of Borrowings
Buyback Payments
Stock Incentive Compensation
Other Financing Activities
Financing Activities
Effect of Exchange Rate Changes 
Net Increase in Cash,Cash Equivalents
FY 2020-12-31

FY: Financial Year. It represents annual report.

Q: Quarter Report. Q1、Q2、Q3、Q4 represent three-month periodic financial reports.

Check out HTOOW latest annual and quarterly financial reports. There are also historical financial reports for you to reference. You can analyze Fusion Fuel Green PLC recent business situations by check its cash flow statements, balance sheets, income statements and other tables. Comprehensive data may help you to understand and analyze HTOOW development prospects in various aspects, and this information may help you to better grasp the Fusion Fuel Green PLC operation.