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Smart Advisor

Cash Management

Transfer Reimbursement

Get a $100 reimbursement when you transfer a brokerage account to Webull and $75 when you transfer your IRA account.

Complimentary Level 2 Quotes

Access to 1-month free of Level 2 Quotes (Nasdaq TotalView) for all new registrants. Level 2 Quotes provide detailed market insights to assist with your decision-making.

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Zero commission

Invest in stocks and ETFs, all commission-free: No margin interest or short selling fees for intra-day trading

*Regulatory and other fees may apply

Advanced charting tools

Trend following and pattern recognition with detailed drawings, indicators, and technical signals

In-depth quotes

Level 2 & NBBO Quotes provide detailed market insights

Customizable layout

Customize your own layout, with more than 55+ indicators & 63+ technical signals

Full length of extended hours

Extended trading hours from 4 AM ET to 8 PM ET

Paper trading

Research and test your trading strategies before risking real money